Month: April 2019

  • Review: Xero vs Quickbooks for Bookkeeping

    Review: Xero vs Quickbooks for Bookkeeping

    “Which is better – Quickbooks or Xero?” Is a common question I hear asked over and over by small business owners.

    I’m certified in both Xero and Quickbooks. While I love them both, there are some major differences and not one size fits all.

    I prefer Xero when doing bookkeeping, but I have some clients on Quickbooks and some clients on Xero to suit each individual’s needs.

    Also, both apps have different features that are great. 

    Again, it just depends on who will be doing the bookkeeping, what your budget is, what you need from it and what (if any) 3rd party add-ons you want to integrate with.

    Here is a quick comparison of both apps:


    Note: I have not included MYOB in this comparison as in my opinion (and many other bookkeepers) it’s not up to standard and many bookkeepers will charge a premium to take on a client with a MYOB app due to its limitations and efficiency. I used to be a MYOB fan back in the day, but it has failed to keep up with Xero and Quickbooks.

    As a Xero Partners, we often have access to special deals so if you’re looking to switch or start using Xero, we can get you up and running quickly

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