Month: June 2020

  • 5 Popular Bookkeeping Apps Comparison

    5 Popular Bookkeeping Apps Comparison

    With so many options with bookkeeping (also called accounting) apps, I decided to write up an Easy Comparison Table listing the features, prices, pros and cons of four of the most talked about apps in Australia for keeping accounting records. No matter where you may start, you can always switch to another app as you grow your business – the top 3 apps Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB offer conversion services from other apps making the transition smooth.

    While there is no one size fits all, I do prefer and recommend Xero and Quickbooks to most of my clients. For DIY bookkeeping, I would recommend Wave (if you aren’t registered for GST and don’t intend to) or Quickbooks Online if you intend to registered for GST when you reach the $75k turnover threshold as Quickbooks has an integrated GST centre so turning on GST is simple.

    For business owners that want a robust accounting system with a vast array of 3rd party apps integrations, Xero is the clear winner and my first choice for a growing business.

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