Hi there! I’m Jodi Hay.

I’m a Small Business Accounting Specialist and at age 26, I built and managed an award-winning new home design and construction business and grew this from the ground up into a highly successful business.

However, while building my business, I experienced overwhelm and burden around the finances and cash flow.  I remember EXACTLY how stressful and painful it was. Luckily I was able to use my financial skills and with the help of a mentor, I turned things around.

I now work with Small Business Owners and remove the overwhelm around their business finances so they can focus building a thriving business, instead of worrying about their bookkeeping and finances.  

I have a wealth of experience on how to solve the problems around common frustrations that many business owners face and by doing this, help them to IGNITE their success.

Our commitment To our Clients

Our commitment to supporting you happens in many ways, not only as your bookkeeper, but we also support you if you encounter difficult situations with your business and will work with you to resolve the issues. 

You are not on your own. We believe in a partnership type of relationship with open and honest communication. We have the quality assurance systems in place to guarantee the consistency quality of our work and to deliver on what we say we will.