We don't lock my clients into contracts for a specific time period. We'll work with you until either of us decides it's time to end our agreement. All we ask is for 30 days notice to give us time to complete any outstanding work. We prefer to focus on delivering outstanding customer service at all times and give you complete flexibility and peace of mind.

We work with many different types of apps for the businesses that we support across Australia. We use the latest software for greater efficiency. We are extremely proficient with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks plus many others.There's very little that we haven't seen before, or can't figure out!

We do this by reviewing your accounts and understanding your business goals, challenges and how best to support you. We have extensive experience across many different industries and businesses from sole traders to multi-national organisations and franchise groups.

Once We clearly understand the scope of work, We'll present you with a Fixed Price Proposal with three options to choose from. We'll also explain what We'll do for you and what We need from you so We deliver what We've promised.

No problem!! We have extensive bookkeeping experience and exceptional problem solving skills and it’s very rare that We see something We cannot do or a problem that We cannot solve. We work with you to understand how your business and accounting processes function, then We map it out and go from there.

After trying this many times in the past, We found that many business owners struggled to get their tasks done in time for me to guarantee their BAS would be lodged on time. Also, business owners were making mistakes that needed fixing, as bookkeeping is not as easy as it looks. So the cost to rectify these errors ended up costing my clients more than had We done the work in the first place.
So We decided in the interests of making sure my clients data and lodgments are 100% correct and lodged in time, We now only provide fully managed bookkeeping services.

The traditional method of billing in professional services has been hourly rates. However, this method is archaic and is a conflict of interest because bookkeepers are directly rewarded for how inefficient they are. The longer they take to do the job, the more they get to charge.

Hourly billing does not give bookkeepers an incentive to complete jobs efficiently. You have no idea how much the work will cost until you get the bill. And unexpectedly high bills can be quite a shock.

As a courtesy to you, We believe you deserve to know in advance how much the work will cost and what it includes. Which is why We now offer fair Fixed Price Agreements.

Any time you have a question around your bookkeeping, GST or your bookkeeping app, get in touch and We'll answer it for you.

We've been commended by my clients for being super responsive and We'll always get back to you as quickly as We can (not several days later!)

We sure do! Whether you are 3 years behind or 3 months behind in your bookkeeping and GST lodgments, We can get your bookkeeping up to date and any outstanding BAS's lodged. Due to the nature of rescue work, We usually need to charge an hourly rate until the work is up to date, then We can change to Fixed Fees.